How To Fix "Please Insert a Disk into Drive" Error In Windows

How To Fix "Please Insert a Disk into Drive" Error In Windows

by Robi nurtanto ON 15 SEPTEMBER 2013
We just got a quite common problem regardingpen drives, one of our reader Emmanuel Ayivisent us a problem regarding pen drive detection.
When ever I insert my (4GB my flash) pen driveinto my PC and any other PC I am
unable to open it. The message that am prompted with is “insert disk into drive”

As it’s clear from the message in quotes, this problems occur when you insert when your removable drive to your USB port, it detects your removable drive but throws an error window saying – Please Insert a Disk into Drive \ Device when you try to open it.
One of the most possible cause of this issue when you have a removable drive which try to get a drive letter which is already reserved.

This could happen due to the default behavior of Windows XP when you may have e: drive assigned to a network drive or other hardware drive and removable pen drives tries to occupy e: drive as drive letter.
In order to resolve the issue, use the following methods given below:


Insert the removable disk in the removable drive before you start your computer. But in this case, make sure that the first boot device in BIOS is not USB drive, else computer may not boot at all.


1. Log in as Administrator account in windows or any other account with administrative privileges
2. Insert your removable disk into the USB port.
3. Click Start, now right click on my computer and select manage
4. Now, click Disk Management
5. Right click on your removable drive partition and select Change Drive Letter and Paths under Disk Management ( you can find your drive easily through size )
6. Change the drive letter some other drive letter like X: or Z: which is not reserved by some other drive on windows.
7. That’s it! Done.

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